Welcome to C2 Shooting Center

Virginia’s Premier Shooting Range Facility

Public Range Fee $15/hour -or- Annual Membership $400

C2 Firearms ranges from 7 Yards to 300 Yards
We accept all calibers from .22 LR up to .458 Lott

Turn to our professional firearm trainers and our public shooting range to improve or develop your skill set. Our team regularly works with people that are new to firearms or simply want to sharpen their skills in a safe environment. C2 Shooting Center is Southeastern Virginia’s top recreational shooting facility. We offer a number of classes and have several ranges with partially covered bays. Our East training ranges are used for law enforcement and military training, as well as private lessons. The West ranges are open to the public. We have outdoor facilities, meaning you get all the advantages of an open air environment that are not available in standard indoor facilities.

Whether this is your first time operating a gun or you are a true enthusiast, reach out to us for programs to meet your preferences. We also offer private lessons. Learn more about our qualifications and how we can help you on our about us page.

How Does the Range Work?

First and foremost, our shooting range is set up to follow safety protocols to protect you and every client on the range. We want you to be able to enjoy your experience without feeling unsafe.

The range works through two stages: the “hot” and “cold” designation. Cold means there is no active fire permitted, and you must leave your firearms in the Pro Shop. You choose your lane, place your targets, and wait until everyone is behind the firing line. Hot means active firing has begun, and eye and ear protection must to be worn. No one is allowed to place targets during this time.

Public Gun Classes for All Levels of Proficiency

Our Senior Instructor is Kent Mote. A seasoned NRA certified firearms instructor, Kent’s training focuses on the mentality “train like you will fight.” This helps you develop skills for reacting appropriately when you are under stress. You are welcome to choose from our public gun classes or schedule a private lesson according to your needs. Our classes include:

  • Introduction to Combat Shooting Training & Tactics (CSTAT)
  • CSTAT Skills Training Sessions (Levels I through IV)
  • Introduction to Advanced Engagement Training (AET)
  • AET Level V Skills Workshops
  • Concealed Carry Workshop – Basic
  • Intermediate Concealed Carry Workshop
  • Advanced Concealed Carry
  • Private Lessons in Hour Blocks

Our Pro Shop

We do not sell guns of any type, nor do we rent them. Everything else you’ll need is available from our on-site pro shop.

Become more proficient with guns in a safe environment. Contact us today to learn more about our shooting range and firearm training options. We are conveniently located for people living in Virginia Beach, VA, as well as the surrounding communities.

Our staff reserves the right to refuse any customer or weapons system we feel is unsafe or inappropriate.